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We celebrate the very best Japanese food we’ve ever tasted: restaurants that serve incredibly fresh sushi and sashimi (for more, check our picks for the best sushi restaurants in Australia), often with innovative twists. 

We offer expertly crafted traditional dishes, as well as modern takes that fuse American techniques and flavours with ancient practices.

And we love them a little extra if they serve great sake and Japanese craft beer.



Has a great lunch here. Better to avoid the rush hours because then the lines to get in are very long. This is explained by the big selection of typical 'real' Japanese dishes generously presented. Personally I had a very tasty unagi-don (eel on rice).


The dishes chosen by my friends were equally well received and focused more on tempura.  I also saw other customers 'struggle' (in a good way) with huge bowls of tasty looking food.The service was very friendly and the prices reasonable.

I recommend!​

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